Monday, 2 June 2014

Planner Week #22

Inspired by "Hello Kitty" at Dollarama This week, when for  $1.00 I could get five sheets of Hello Kitty and a sticker book, which had heavy duty pages I could cut and use as my list or picture page.

I tacked some school stickers, and silver hearts from a different Dollarama sticker sheet. The Hello Kitty Washy tape was from Micheals discount rack for $.99.

The coral coloured fabric is a dress I am making myself for next weekend.
The opposite side of The cutout card is my grocery list. Have to find something interesting to attach to the front.

Really busy week with my mom's who is not well.

Thinking since I have so much Kitty stuff now of doing a month of it, If I don't get tired of her!

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