Friday, 13 June 2014

Latch Journal Turquoise

I bought this Beautiful turquoise coloured latch journal yesterday after going to five different stores trying to find a journal that would meet my needs.

It had to be a descent size because I can't write on anything small. My hand can't rest on the edge of a small book. And it had to be light.

I was really looking for something that was three ringed. I thought a few weeks ago I spied something at Walmart, but when I arrived there ( I hate that store), they were tearing that aisle apart to address the new calendar situation for the upcoming school year. Looking ward to seeing new planners there but didn't find what I really wanted.

I had half an hour to spare before collecting Mum from her Knitting Club so I slipped into Chapters and "Oh MY" now I had choices to make.

At first I had a small pocket notebook in turquoise in my hand and I was happy with it, until I found an opened packaged one ( different colour) and rested my hand on it and I knew it wouldn't do. So I looked at larger sized journals. Most were pretty heavy, then I spied this one, and there was no more looking, with the exception of deciding on turquoise or purple!

So what did I need this journal for?
Well we are Pioneer Missionaries and tenant out our farm for a month to a "farmer wantabie", and go missionary somewhere, where the need is great and we think we might want to retire in. This year in December we are going to Guyana with our younger children.

I need the journal now to get ready for the trip.

I would love to bring my normal planner, because its essential in my life, but its too big and heavy. This one I can bring and hopefully attach things I think I will need.
This journal is a 'vegan leather cover,' which is lovely and soft. The pages are an off-white, which I really like. The book opens flat. However I cannot remove the pages, as they are sewn in. I hope to design some envelope pages to hold items in.I am also going to sew in a pen loop as there is ample room to do this.
Anyway I hope you can join me in the coming months on decorating and getting this journal ready to go on our trip.

Other finds at Chapters were these.:
I don't know why I got the dolls but they are cute. Where I live there isn't much in the way of scrapbooking or cardmaking. I really have to rely on the Internet. However I was not too happy when I opened the tabs cardboard and found them to be a fraction of the size I thought.
Other items this week.
My daughter brought these home from work for me.( she bought them)
LOVE my Black Frixion Pens
A Gift.

Latch Journal- Turquoise
Sticky Tabs
Nesting Dolls
Magnetic Page Clips

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