Thursday, 26 June 2014

Need Days Like This

We had a really terrible storm come through yesterday. I lost some chickens, and today is overcast and yucky out. And I am feeling so happy. I needed a day to do something that didn't require pulling weeds, cutting grass, maintaining animals, and I got it. A day to do what I just feel like doing,what I want to do. Problem is, I now feel like I wasted it.
ideas of what I wanted

I spend a lot of time ( other then cooking) going onto Pintest and looking for A5 printables for my Franklin Covey planner. I have to say I found lots of things but not at all what I had in mind. So I decided to begin changing over from my Day Runner to the Franklin Covey Planner a section at a time. I have to say at first it was really easy.
I had seen on a You-tube video how you should have a front and back plastic board to your planner, a plain dashboard sort to speak of. This is to keep your pages from always sliding to the back of the rings when you close is. So I dug out my Smashboard acrylic tabs and cut the tabs off and put one at the front and back of the binder.
 Then I moved my Day Runner pages over, which was super easy as they have the right amount of holes for the Franklin Covey.
The Martha Stewart top loader plastic protectors with flaps also had the right amount of holes. I loaded them with tabs I use a lot.
 My creative pages however needed the extra hole punched in them. After a bit of hole punching my hands got pretty sore. I laminate all the picture cards, and the plastic laminate was hard to get through.
I found this at My Great Challenge

And I laminated it and put it between my week decorated pages. I thought I would use erasable pen on it or sticky note for each category. I'll see how it goes. I might not even like it.

I made all new tab sections because I now have more room on the rings and had ideas for some different categories then I had before.Most of my day was spent redesigning a food log and blood pressure log for my Health section. I now have it all completed and will show it another day. But I printed off 26 weeks worth to get me into 2015. That is what took the time.

Other then that I canned 40 lbs of apples today!

Blessings M'Lynn

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