Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Day in My Life Journals

I am fanatical about organization here on the farm. A type of OCD I know ,but this morning I thought this is getting out of hand! I have a binder, journal, planner for everything and it is starting to get to be too much.My planner ( Day Runner) was suppose to relieve all this but I guess old ways are hard to break.
This is a daily usage:
Bottom pink binder is my Household binder. I have owned this for 29 years and it holds all the daily information about the house, except the budget which is a different binder.
The colourful quilt design one is my diary. I have had one since I was a teenager. As life when on and my children where born it became the farm journal.
The red case is my planner for 2014. It was suppose to relieve all these books!
The small paper one is my blood pressure readings.
The top little pink on it my calorie intake ( health journal)

My Household binder is like many you see on line.
This is  an old program. Just looks new now that the internet is around and everyone has it. I have used this system since my eldest now 29 was around. Back then it held everything from budgeting, to plant in the garden. I used it for groceries, and meal planning to vet trips.
Now 29 years later and 8 children later it gets used a lot less. In fact I am thinking of simplifying my life totally of it. Reason being? Everything is pretty much done on computers now. The farm is totally computerized and the back-up is on a stick or in a file. Gardening has its roots planted and the fields don't change much year to year. I school through different avenues now as 29 years ago schooling was difficult to find in Canada. In total my life is routine now and has changed direction.
Inside the household binder. Erasable plastic pages and places to put sticky pages.

My journal/farm log will have to stay. It tells me when the roof was put on, when the calf Violet was born, when my children first began to walk, my father's death, and mom-in-laws hospitalization. It also expresses my feelings over issues. And trips we had made, hospitality we have embarked on. News paper clippings, magazine pictures I liked, things I wanted to incorporate on the farm........
When I die the kids will fight over who gets theses books. There are about 40 of them so far!
My Day Runner: Is the book I show the pages on each week. I am really loving it, and carry it everywhere with me. However expect some changes in the next few weeks in this area, because there isn't enough room on the rings of this planner to do what I want it to do.
Blood Pressure Booklet: I got this at a heart specialist office. I was there for Mum but these were free so I picked up one. I really like seeing my progress. I have an app on my phone but it doesn't give me the trill seeing it visually on paper. I hope to find something on the internet that is comparable to this booklet to be able to put in my planner.
Weight Journal: years ago after child number 6, I thought I was done!! And out of frustration joined Weight Watchers, because I was not happy with myself. I really enjoyed going. It was something just for me ( mom's will get that) I lost 56 lbs and was totally thrilled.
Then two more little ones came along..................Then my eldest daughter threw a bomb at us when she was 19 and  my self worth went through the toilet and my weight went back up.
This past winter I went back but couldn't stand the leader. She was a whinny person, who was phoney toward those accomplishing great strides.I left because of her. Since I was driving 64 km to be there I wanted bang for my visit and I wasn't getting it. Went three times and came out feeling worst then when I went in. So I was in Chapters one day in March, and these little diaries were on for $3.00 and I got one for this reason. I have lost 18 lbs on my own. I have 12 more to go. I am hoping for 12lbs by my anniversary in August but am happy to just be healthy now.

So these are my journals of each day.

How about you. Do you use more then one each day?

Blessings M'Lynn

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