Sunday, 8 June 2014

Planner week #23

Kind of a mixed up week as my mom landed out in the hospital, and it rained throwing me into a tissy by the weekend. However my intentions on the "to do list" were highly regarded but never completed!

I think my biggest accomplishment was completing my dress for the weekend and having oodles of fantastic remarks on it, when worn.

My second week of "Hello Kitty" and am officially tired of her now.
Next week is something totally unrelated.

The Hello Kitty stickers were from Dollarama
The washi tape from Micheals. I liked it on the spool but wasn't to overly happy with it when I used it. I liked that is was red & pink and had hearts on it.
The Little card in the middle with my grocery list is Martha Steward tags from Micheals. The booklet has a nice assortment of prints and colours.

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