Monday, 23 June 2014

Planner Week #25

I have been incredibly busy here on the farm, and on rainy days in my sewing studio. I had decided this week to use sewing and quilting as my theme for my planner.
 The floral country quilt style is from Martha Stewart and I purchased it from Micheals. It was a clearance item with many quilt like themes in the package. The green and blue gingham washi tape was a three roll package  I found at Dollarama. It appears to be heavier then normal washi tape. The bird cage washi tape I found at Dollar tree in small rolls. The rose stickers I use to check off that I have taken my medication come with postage stamps.
I did some stamping with stamps I bought at Frogs Whiskers Ink. a few years back. One is a frame, and one is an old sewing machine.
I also used this little piggy magnetic book mark this week to hold fabric swatches from dresses I am sewing up right now to wear in Guyana come winter. I have been doing a lot of sewing for myself at night. In the daytime we are gardening and haying season is upon us. The work just doesn't end.

Blessings M'Lynn

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