Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Planner Accessory Bag

Okay I will omit this is becoming an obsession. Making things for a planner, rather then working on a dress I have to wear on Sunday to a special event.

Checking in on the Filofax world, those in the States have found make-up bags that are very useful for holding their Filofax accessories. Target seems to have a handy one. Since we have no Targets up here in my end of the world, and I have checked into every place I can think of to find make-up bags ( either expensive or ugly) I just had to become creative.
pretty roses

Through trial and error, like trying to fit all squared pieces of fabric together,( was like trying to get a square peg in a round hole) I made this prototype of my version of an accessory holder.

I used leftover fabric which is the main fabric in my studio/sewing room/ grandkid bedroom. Yeap its shared!
Since my Planner is a coral/red colour this matched nicely.
my planner
elastic holding the case closed
It has two 1/4" white elastic holding it all together closed. I only had 1/4 " white ot 3/4" black in the studio so the choice was white and two straps.

When opened you can see I have made two sides with pockets and a pencil case in the middle. The left side has a full length pocket to hold full size sticker panels. Then a two sided opened pocket to hold note pages. Two top load pockets for notes, clips and Posties.

The pencil case can hold pens, scissors, glue or washi tapes.
move the pencil case to the left
The pencil case is on its own stand and can move to the left or right. Underneath is have a pocket for a paper pad. This is a Postie lined pad. I didn't have pink or would have put it there.

To the right is three top loaded pockets, located a little lower to allow room for pens to be held. I am showing five pens but six fit. These are Steadtler coloured pens. The bottom pocket has a full tag package of Martha Steward tags.
inside the pencil case.
what is all in the right hand pockets.
As I said a prototype for me, however I will use this one.
The opened size is 13 1/2" by 8".

Next one I make will have a longer body to wrap around as this one somewhat sticks up when full. Elastics need to be tighter. I have never made anything using elastic in this form before.

Oh and you can't iron plastic!! I did burn a hole through the pencil case window.

I was excited to finish this last night and share this morning.

Now back to the studio.....that dress has to get done!

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