Friday, 13 June 2014

Cleaning Days of the Week

I just updated my planner so something more pretty to the eye.
I had the cleaning days of the week in my daily section of my planner. Since Monday to Wednesday is on one side of the page and Thursday to Sunday on the right hand side, I had divided the weekly cleaning onto two pages.

This was my old system:
A Card for each day. I had them laminated in business card laminate from the Dollarama. But it was too bulky when all cards were lines up. I was completing the list from one day and then putting it into the next week.

Then I lines these cards into a photo page, but the cards always shifted.

So today while it is pouring out...... I made this.

The backgrounds are free backgrounds I found on Pinterest.
The Magnolia Girl was also off Pinterest.
The laminate was three sheets for a dollar at Dollarama.
I hole punched and now it fits nicely between my week.
I can mark it and wipe off if I so wish.

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