Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Change UP

This is my Day Runner Planner.
I would LOVE a Filofax but if you were to ask anyone in Canada what one was ,you kind of get that funny look!!
Just not popular here.Can't even find them.
People like apps.
This is my Day Runner which literately goes everywhere with me. I really love it and it contains everything I need to care for four generations at one. It cost me less then $20.00 and up to now has served me really well. We are now at the half way mark of the year and I am not sure I could jam one more piece of paper in this planner.

A few weeks ago I saw that the planner/ calander row in Walmart was having a facelift. (Wonder why I even ventured down this way?)

Last week while there for something totally unrelated, I happened to go in this area again.You know school isn't even out here in Canada and they are already getting read for September back to school/ calendar stuff. Weird!

What I came across was this Frankin Covey Planner. Not pretty colours like Filofax, but real leather and for $20.00! I hummed and hawed about it for 15 minutes and then thought the next year ones will be more expensive. So I bought it, before really looking at it.

When I got it home I compared the two. The Day Runner ( vinyl )is the top one and the Franklin Covey( leather) is on the bottom. Right now there is more in my Day Runner. I was pleased and thought I will get the Franklin Covey ready for 2015, just the way I would like it. That was when I really noticed the difference.
The rings on the Day Runner are 3/4 of an inch ( no wonder I am running out of room)
The Frankin Covey are 1 5/8 inch. Tons more room!
The Day Runner, has five slots and a big sleeve in the back.
The Franklin Covey have seven slots and a big sleeve and a zippered extendable pouch and yet a full length pocket under that.

The Franklin Covey also came with a lot of extra tab pages, and extra note pages. The back has two sleeves to put papers. I need to carry Power of Attorney papers with me all the time and this will be super handy. What I found totally  not necessary was the whole Franklin Covey program that is in the planner.I will be totally recycling all those pages.

I have gone on You-tube and found ideas for Franklin Covey Planners. There is going to be changes in this girls planning life.

Blessings M'Lynn

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  1. I love my Franklin Covey for the big rings too. You will find it just as easy to carry around as any other planner. Just have a good tole at hand.


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