Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Budget Planner

I have always budgeted. Have used every system ever invented out there including having the whole paycheck in cash in the house, which I don't like. In actual fact the paper method works best for me.
So this is what I have put together today because I bought a new binder and am setting things up a little different then before.

This binder is a green plastic binder with the view slot on the side that also says Budget so I know what it is on the shelf. I have been buying these coloured binders from Staples ( Canada) and this is a 1" wide binder which cost me about $7.50.

I like pretty things so I bought these page dividers also from Staples for $2.50. Five dividers that are laminated.

I labeled the dividers.
Bills to be paid go in the first divider.
a Budget spread sheet in the second
and  the last three tabs are different bank accounts we have for different uses.

Paychecks are normally the same each month but they are automatically put into two different accounts.
One the spending account, where money goes in and out regularly, the second an account we don't touch ( Savings) The third is a special account which is divided on paper only into categories of savings. Renovations, Holiday, Gift giving and Our Missionary Trip ( which usually utilizes the Holiday money as well. Each paycheck I deposit a set amount and don't touch it. It is in a high end interest rate account.
This is My Monthly Budget Sheet, which is free at:Printable Paper
And these are my account column sheets:
They can be found at Printable Paper as well.I use three columns A incoming , out going and balance columns, but there are many to chose from at Printable Paper.

Its a nice system that is so each to manage. I pay bills twice a month and update the book every Wednesday.

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