Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My New Tole/Purse

Okay I have to be honest here. I did NOT need this purse. In fact I am not a handbag person. My personal purse that I with me wherever I go is a leather backpack type purse with a handle on the top. When you are dealing with elderly and walkers to babies with strollers, and never have free hands, the backpack purse is the way to go and topic for a different post.

I liked this bag for two reasons.
I bought this bag for two reasons.

The first season:
Okay lame excuse, but I wanted something to hold my planner, journal and all the fun things to create them with. This purse was big enough and sturdy enough. It has handles and a shoulder strap. Oh and looks great in my bedroom beside my bed. If I tell myself that enough I will 100% believe it.

Second, see that Coral strip? I cut out a dress today in that colour to wear to a special even in two weeks.
Won't bring the planner then!But I love the Coral strip.

I bought this bag at Call it Spring

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