Thursday, 8 May 2014

Getting Life on Track: My Personal Planner

My gift for myself for my 53rd was a new Planner.

I always had a Household Planner ,in the kitchen right with my cookbooks, but as time has gone on, and my responsibilities shifted from Homeschooling my own children, to caring for my elderly parents and in-laws and then having the grandchildren to babysit, it just got lost in my daily routine.

Ok face it! Between my folks and the farm I lost it completely! But I missed my planner. I really did and my thoughts always came back to this planner idea.......doing it again.

This was my old Household Planner:
Yeap! Real appealing! Its am old Homeschooled Binder ( Heh I recycled it!), and chicken scratched what it was on the outside. For a colour ambiguous person, this was really bad.
It did hold all my important pages in the clear top opened sleeves. It worked as a function but really wasn't something I left out because it was ugly.

Introduction: My New Planner:

I have been reading on-line about these Filofax, and Kikki-K planners. Yeap real cool, but $$$ for this Canadian farmer. I actually had been in the city to Staples for something totally unrelated and saw this planner by Day-Runner on sale for $11.95. It is a personal A5 size planner. One left in Red, my most disliked colour, but it kind of grew on me, the red is not bright ,more on the muted peach side...{.a whole other topic.} I had it in my hand and liked the feel and size, then put it back on the shelf, because I don't go out and spend money on things I don't really need. But then it hit me,"Its a traveling size for all those appointments and legal papers I have to carry with me for our elderly folks. I took a good look again at it.

Most people would say use your cellphone , and get an App for whatever you need. Why carry around a Planner. But here's the thing. Power of Attorney & Power of Personal care papers are legal sized sheets. Elderly people still use bank books, and quite often still pay their bills at the bank. I needed to have room to put these items and still keep track of four generations at one time. Hence the Planner. 

Now that I got that out of the way! Here are some details about this planner.
A closed up zipper. No papers will fall out of this planner.

And added bonus was that it came with sections already inside.

It came with a twelve month calendar with large spaces for writing in. I had to put in the numbers for this year myself, but I really like this , and it has dividers for each month.

An address book with dividers.
I removed this from the planner because all my contacts are on my phone. So its just added weight and used space I don't need in there.

A generous size note pad in the back, that slips into a pocket there made just for the pad.

And this plastic holder pouch with a plastic kind of Ziplock closure which is really funny because it took me close to 8 minutes to open the zipper the first time since there is no actual zipper piece on it to hold on to to open it up. I put stuff in the pouch and closed it, then spend probably another 5minutes to open it again. I am using the pouch but holding it together with clips rather then the zipper.

That's it for today. I will show you another day what I have done with my planner.

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